Our Services

R.S. Shipping (Pvt) Ltd. proudly offers a variety of shipping services to its clients with assured quality & competence.

Our company has employed professionals with a high track record to analyze the needs of our clients, and offer solutions in most cost-effective and timely manner to their utmost satisfaction.

Crew for Ships (Crew Recruitment & Management)
Highly qualified, disciplined energetic personal as your crew members for any department. They are thoroughly trained, competent seamen with good experience. All of them are assured to posses formal certificate on STCW 1995 amendment.
Shipping Agency
We will take the responsibility of handling cargo on your behalf. You will be relieved of handling supplies, crew transfers, customs documentation, waste declarations, etc, etc.
Ship Chandlers
Whether it is fuel, food, water, or maintenance supplies, contact us and we will be there with supplies you need.
Bunker Suppliers
You don’t have to reach land as we will be there with high-quality fuel for you.
Freight Forwarders
With us, you will be guaranteed that your shipment will reach its destination in good condition, on agreed upon date, & at a reasonable price.
We will make transport arrangements for exports, imports, and inland movement of shipment/cargo of both large & small scales.
Well disciplined, responsible stevedores to transfer your shipment, and for dock-work that you wish completed.

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